Family-Friendly Dining in Myrtle Beach: Must-Try Spots

Family-Friendly Dining in Myrtle Beach: Must-Try SpotsIf you have young kids in the family, you know the importance of finding a good, family-friendly restaurant. Whether you live in Myrtle Beach, are planning a family vacation here, or are looking at investing in a Myrtle Beach vacation home, you will want this list of our favorite places to eat out in Myrtle Beach with kids. 

Johnny D's Waffles and Benedicts

Why Kids Love It: Johnny D’s is a breakfast haven known for its extensive waffle and pancake menu, which is a hit with kids. The colorful and creative waffle options, such as the Red Velvet Waffle or the Funfetti Waffle, are particularly popular among the younger crowd. The friendly staff and quick service make it a convenient stop for families on the go, without asking kids to be too patient.

Why Parents Love It: Parents appreciate the hearty breakfast options and the quality of the ingredients used. The menu also includes a variety of Benedicts, omelets, and healthier choices like fruit parfaits and oatmeal, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

River City Cafe

Why Kids Love It: River City Cafe is famous for its fun, laid-back atmosphere and its customizable burgers. Kids love the casual vibe, peanut-shell-covered floors, and the chance to draw on the tablecloths with crayons. The menu offers kid-friendly options like chicken tenders, grilled cheese, and, of course, burgers.

Why Parents Love It: The relaxed environment is perfect for families, and the adult menu offers a wide range of gourmet burgers, salads, and sandwiches. Parents can enjoy a cold beer or a cocktail while the kids are entertained by the lively atmosphere and tasty food.

Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show

Why Kids Love It: Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show offers a thrilling dinner experience that kids won’t forget. The pirate-themed show includes acrobatics, live animals, and special effects that captivate children of all ages. The meal, which includes a four-course feast, is served in a way that keeps the little ones engaged and entertained throughout the performance.

Why Parents Love It: While the kids are engrossed in the swashbuckling adventure, parents can enjoy a hearty meal and the impressive production values of the show. The family-style seating encourages a fun, communal dining experience that brings everyone together.

Ultimate California Pizza

Why Kids Love It: Pizza is a perennial favorite for kids, and Ultimate California Pizza takes it to the next level with its extensive menu of customizable pizzas. Kids can choose their toppings and create their own pizza masterpiece. The casual, vibrant atmosphere is also very appealing to families.

Why Parents Love It: In addition to pizza, the menu features salads, sandwiches, and appetizers, providing plenty of choices for the whole family. The use of fresh ingredients and the option to have gluten-free crusts are appreciated by health-conscious parents. The restaurant also offers a variety of local craft beers and wines.

Crabby Mike's Calabash Seafood

Why Kids Love It: Crabby Mike’s is an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet in nearby Surfside Beach that offers an exciting and interactive dining experience for kids. With a wide array of seafood options, including crab legs, shrimp, and clams, along with a selection of kid-friendly favorites like chicken tenders and mac and cheese, there’s something for every taste.

Why Parents Love It: 

Parents appreciate the quality and variety of the seafood on offer. The buffet setup allows everyone to eat at their own pace, making it a stress-free dining experience. The lively, nautical-themed decor also adds to the fun atmosphere.

Lulu's North Myrtle Beach

Why Kids Love It: Lulu’s, owned by Lucy Buffett (sister of singer Jimmy Buffett), is a fun-filled restaurant with plenty of activities to keep kids entertained. The sandy beach area, complete with water play areas and arcade games, is a big hit. The kid’s menu features favorites like cheeseburgers, chicken tenders, and fish sticks.

Why Parents Love It: Parents appreciate the relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere and the diverse menu that includes seafood, Southern classics, and healthier options. The live music and waterfront views provide a pleasant dining experience for adults while the kids are happily occupied.

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