Questions to Ask About Your HOA Before Buying a Home in Myrtle Beach

Questions to Ask About Your HOA Before Buying a Home in Myrtle BeachThere are plenty of perks that come with living in an HOA community, like amenities, protection for property values, and a preserved neighborhood aesthetic. However, some buyers end up regretting that they didn't find out more about the HOA before they committed to be a part of it. If you are looking at home for sale in Myrtle Beach that are in HOA managed communities, make sure to ask these questions first. 

HOA Fees

The first thing you need to be clear about is the HOA fees and assessments. In some communities, these dues are relatively minimal, but in others they can significantly impact the affordability of the home. 

These fees typically cover maintenance of common areas, amenities such as pools and parks, and services like landscaping and security. Understanding the amount of these fees and what they cover is essential for budgeting purposes and determining the overall affordability of the property.

You should also inquire (and we can help you) about when the HOA is allowed to increase the fees, and by how much. Some HOAs are allowed to change the rates at any time and for any amount, as long as the people managing it are in agreement. This doesn't have to be a dealbreaker, but it's valuable information to take into account as you are house hunting. 

Restrictions and Regulations

HOAs often have rules and regulations governing various aspects of homeownership, including exterior modifications, landscaping, pet policies, and even parking restrictions. Prospective buyers should carefully review the HOA's governing documents, such as the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R), to ensure they align with their lifestyle and preferences. It's crucial to determine if any of these regulations may impact your ability to enjoy the property as you envision.

For example, if you have plans to list your home as a short term rental when you are not using it, or run a small business out of your home, make sure that these are ventures that will be allowed by the CC&Rs.

Architectural Guidelines

Many HOAs have strict architectural guidelines that dictate the design, materials, and colors allowed for exterior modifications or additions to properties. Before making any changes to your home, you'll need to obtain approval from the HOA's architectural review committee. Understanding these guidelines upfront can prevent conflicts and help you ensure that your plans comply with the HOA's standards.

Amenities and Services

Of course one of the major reasons people like living in an HOA community is the benefits they offer. Find out what amenities and services are included with the HOA fees. Myrtle Beach communities often offer amenities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness centers, and clubhouse facilities, especially the oceanfront condo communities in Myrtle Beach. Knowing which amenities are available and their condition can help you assess the value proposition of the HOA fees and determine if they align with your lifestyle preferences.

Financial Stability and Governance

It's essential to inquire about the financial health of the HOA before purchasing a home in the community. If the HOA has not managed finances well, becoming a homeowner in the community means their problems might become yours.

Reviewing the HOA's financial statements, budget, and reserve fund can provide insight into its financial stability and ability to meet its obligations. A well-funded reserve fund is particularly crucial for covering unexpected expenses and major repairs or replacements of common property elements.

Understanding how the HOA is managed and governed is also vital before buying a home. Inquire about the structure of the HOA board, how board members are elected or appointed, and how decisions are made regarding the community's management and operations. Additionally, find out if the HOA contracts with a professional management company or if it is self-managed by volunteers.


Finally, you'll want to inquire about insurance (especially if you are buying a condo). Determine what insurance coverage the HOA carries for common areas, structures, and liability protection. Understanding the extent of the HOA's insurance coverage can help you assess your own insurance needs and ensure you have adequate protection for your property and belongings.

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