Retiring in Myrtle Beach: House or Condo?

House or condoAs you explore your plans to retire in Myrtle Beach, you will need to decide which type of home is the right fit. Considering the pros of cons or living in a condo or a house is essential. This post will help you further explore which might be the right fit for your retirement plans. 

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Choosing between retiring in a Myrtle Beach condo or a house involves considering a long list of factors to find what will align with your lifestyle, preferences, and financial situation. 

Lifestyle and Maintenance

One of the primary considerations when deciding between a condo and a house is the lifestyle you envision for your retirement. Condo living often appeals to those seeking a low-maintenance lifestyle. Condo associations typically handle exterior maintenance, landscaping, and common area upkeep. Many of the condos in Myrtle Beach also feature access to an extensive list of amenities, which are managed by the association. This frees up your time to enjoy the plethora of activities and amenities Myrtle Beach has to offer, from golfing and beachcombing to exploring local shops and restaurants.

On the other hand, a standalone house provides more control over your property and allows for personalized landscaping and outdoor spaces. If you enjoy gardening or want a backyard for hosting gatherings, a house may better suit your preferences. However, keep in mind that a house requires more hands-on maintenance, including lawn care, roof repairs, and other exterior upkeep responsibilities.

Even if you have always enjoyed living in a house over a condo, or vice versa, take time to consider what lifestyle shifts you might anticipate in retirement. Many buyers find that their plans for how they will spend their time, money, and energy during retirement differ greatly from their current or previous lifestyle. 


The financial aspect plays a crucial role in any decision-making process. Condos in Myrtle Beach often have a lower upfront cost compared to houses, making them a more affordable option for retirees. Additionally, condo living typically includes shared amenities such as pools, fitness centers, and community spaces, which can contribute to overall cost savings in other areas of your budget. 

However, it is essential to consider the ongoing costs associated with condo fees. Condo associations generally charge monthly or annual fees to cover maintenance, insurance, and shared amenities. While these fees relieve homeowners of some responsibilities, it's crucial to factor them into your budget when evaluating the affordability of condo living. For many buyers, the monthly cost for a luxury condo won't actually be significantly different from owning a single family home. 

Standalone houses may have higher upfront costs, but they offer the advantage of more predictable monthly expenses without recurring (and potentially increasing) condo association fees. Assess your financial goals and long-term budget to determine which option aligns better with your retirement plans, and make sure you have all the relevant information about any HOAs or condo fees before choosing a home in Myrtle Beach.

Space and Privacy

Your need for space may shift in retirement, perhaps as you become an empty nester and need fewer bedrooms or as you move to a new location where you anticipate hosting overnight guests. This might translate into needing either more or less space, so take some time to consider your unique scenario. 

The size and layout of your living space are significant factors in the decision between a condo and a house. Condos generally have a more compact footprint, making them suitable for those who prefer a cozier environment with less maintenance. If you value proximity to neighbors and enjoy the sense of community that comes with shared spaces, a condo may be the ideal choice.

In contrast, houses provide more space and privacy. This can be especially true in Myrtle Beach, where many condo buildings are filled with short term vacation rental units. If you have hobbies or interests that require dedicated rooms, such as a home office, workshop, or a guest suite, a house allows for greater customization and flexibility. Consider your desire for personal space, as well as your comfort with close neighbors and shared walls when deciding between a condo and a house.

Amenities and Accessibility

Consider your mobility and preferences for amenities when deciding between a condo and a house. Condos often offer convenient access to elevators and communal spaces, making them suitable for retirees seeking accessibility. Aging in place is often a realistic goal in a condo. If proximity to the beach, restaurants, and entertainment is a priority, a condo in a central location might be the perfect fit.

Houses, especially those in residential neighborhoods without major community amenities and an HOA, may require more travel for amenities. However, they often provide more parking space, private driveways, and larger garages, making it easier to maintain personal transportation options. Assess your lifestyle preferences and mobility requirements to ensure that your chosen retirement residence aligns with your needs.

Assessing your priorities, budget, and desired level of engagement with the community will guide you toward the option that best suits your retirement vision in the beautiful coastal setting of Myrtle Beach. Ready to find your home for retirement in Myrtle Beach? Contact us any time. 

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